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Empire of Antarctica

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Empire of Antarctica
Pro Deo, Regulo, et Patria
Latin: For God, Prince, and Country
Official language English
Capital St. Justus
Date founded July 19, 2010
Number of citizens No permanent residents
Number of active citizens none
Currency Simoleon
Government Constitutional Monarchy (suspended)
Head of State Emperor John Thomas I
Head of Government Prime Director (none as of now)
National Anthem I Vow to Thee, My Country
National animal Penguin

Empire of Antarctica was ruled by the simultaneous Prince of Sylvania , John Thomas I. In direct response to the left-wing Federated States of Antarctica , the Prince asserted his dominion over the continent and declared himself emperor of a more conservative government. However, due to international pressure, the empire shrunk to the areas not claimed by the Antarctic Micronational Union . However, due to intermicronational pressure, the Prince officially renounced his claimed to any part of the continent as of 1500 hrs, Eastern Standard Time, October 22, 2010.


John Thomas I acted as Antarctica's head of state and signed treaties on behalf of the nation. Since there were no permanent residents of Antarctica, the Emperor ruled as effective dictator. However, the Emperor intended to divide continent into provinces, each ruled by effective dictators known as "directors." The Emperor would have appointed all of them, including the continent's head of government, the "Prime Director."