Principality of Sylvania

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Principality of Sylvania
Flag National Coat of Arms

National Anthem:
I Vow to Thee, My Country
Pro Deo, Regulus, et Patria

Map of the Principality of Sylvania.

Capital Sylvania City
Total Area .99 acres

Official language English

Demonym Sylvanian

Government Constitutional Monarchy (Suspended)
Head of State Prince John Thomas I

– Creation of the Holy Justonian Empire 17 May 2007
– Reorganized as the Principality of Sylvania 17 May 2009

– Citizens 20
– Residence 5

Currency Simoleon(§)

National Animal Rooster

National Sport Ultimate

Time zone Eastern: UTC−5/-4

Country code SV (proposed)

Drives on the Right (proposed)

Government Website

The Principality of Sylvania, or simply Sylvania, is a small, enclave Principality nestled in a subdivision in the Appalachian mountains. Sylvania is one of the smallest territorial micronations in the world.


Besides its homeland, Sylvania claims Antarctica and lunar seas of Serenity and Tranquility .

Law and Government

Logo of the Sylvanian Government

Similar to the governments of the Principality of Sealand , the United Kingdom, and of its neighbor, the United States, the constitution is based on a combination of American and English law. The constitution gives rights to its citizens legal rights, such as trial by jury, religious freedoms, taxation with representation, etc.

The government structure is also based on the both the American and British models. The head of state is a hereditary monarch with the title of Prince. The Prince acts as chief enforcer of the law as well as the Commander-in-Chief of the Sylvanian military forces and Sylvania's chief justice. Bills passed by Parliament has to be signed by the Prince in order to become law.

The legislative branch of the Sylvanian government is a unicameral body called Parliament. Elections are held every two years and Members of Parliament may serve unlimited terms. After an election, Parliament elects a Prime Minister, who also is may serve unlimited terms.

As of now, the Constitution is being redrafted to include more democratic elements, and is scheduled to go into effect December 12, 2010.


The Prince has the power to grant titles of nobility lower than himself to fellow citizens of the Principality.

Nobles may also be sovereign of their own territories separate from the Principality. As of now, the only sovereign Sylvanian noble is the Duchess of Astral.

National Holidays

  • February 14- Jack Benny Day
  • April 2- Jack Webb Day
  • May 17- Independence Day
  • May 31- Martyr's Day
  • September 26- Gilligan Day
  • October 18- World Smiley Day
  • October 31- Reformation Day
  • November 3- World Sandwich Day
  • November 10- St. Justus Day
  • December 12- Constitution Day
  • December 25- Christmas Day

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