Emperor of the Canadians

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Emperor of the Holy Canadian Empire
Imperial Standard of Frederick IV, Holy Canadian Emperor.png
Imperial Standard
2nd Portrait of Emperor William I.jpg
Frederick IV

Style His Imperial Majesty
First monarch Frederick IV
Formation 8 April 2020
Residence Imperial Palace

The Emperor of the Canadians, officially the Holy Canadian Emperor, is the ruler and head of state of the Holy Canadian Empire. It is an elected position for a life-long term. The Imperial Throne has been occupied by His Imperial Majesty Emperor Frederick IV since 2021.

Titles of the Emperor

His Imperial Majesty Frederick IV, by the Grace of God elected Holy Canadian Emperor, forever August, King of the Vanislers and of Hurfordia, King of Jerusalem, Archduke of Glacia, Prince-elector of the Holy Canadian Empire, Prince of Vanigh, Margrave of Vancouver Island, Defender of Christendom, Sovereign of the Order of the Canadian Fleece, and others, and others, and others.

Arms and standards