EL Inc.

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The EL Incorporated is a military company of the Repubblica democratica di Luxe.

EL Inc.
Active 29/11/2019
Country Luxe.jpg Repubblica democratica di Luxe
Allegiance U.M.S. (UMA)
Type Army, Special Forces and presidencial guard.
Role Land warfare, Air warfare
Size 10 troops
Motto In bello legis
Colors red, white and yellow


In the years, the different military corps of Luxe were divided in 3 blocks. The first, was the Esercito Luxese who had different minors corps in it. The second block, was the Intelligence Luxese, that had the Guardia Presidenziale Luxese too. The last block, was the Special Forces of Luxe owned by Filippo Abramov. On the 29th november, the Partito Democratico Forza Luxe proposed to make an unity beetween this blocks and this proposal was a success.


  • Blasone Esercito Luxese.svg

Esercito Luxese

  • IL.png

Intelligence Luxese