Duke of Cascadia

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Dukedom of Cascadia
Coronet of a Duke.svg
Coat of arms of the House of Timpson.svg
Blazon Per chevron argent and gules two lions rampant argent a tree arraché in base proper
Creation date 2017
Created by John I
Peerage Peerage of Baustralia
First holder John Timpson
Present holder Steve Timpson
Heir apparent Chris, Earl of Holderton
Remainder to the 1st Duke's heirs male of the body lawfully begotten.
Subsidiary titles Earl of Holderton
Viscount Timpson
Baron Timpson

Duke of Cascadia, named after the town of Cascadia, Baustralia, is a substantive title that has been created once for the first family in Baustralia, other than the royal family. The current holder is Steve, father of John Timpson.

Created for John Timpson, he was the Duke of Cascadia until late 2018 when he gave the dukedom to his father to remain prime minister. After this, the subsidiary titles of Earl of Holderton, and Viscount and Baron Timpson were also created

List of officeholders

2017 creation

Created by John I of Baustralia
Name Period Duchess Notes Other titles
John, 1st Duke of Cascadia
Steve, 2nd Duke of Cascadia 2018- Marilou Earl of Holderton
Viscount Timpson
Baron Timpson

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