Drenched in Lies

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Drenched In Lies
Genre Documentary
Mockumentary (briefly)
Country Union of Privateers
Seasons 2
Episodes 16
Theme(s) "Drunken Sailors"
"Spanish Ladies"
"Dony Bondy-O"
Established July 7, 2016
Created by Audrey Robin
Directed by Kyle Gren
Staring Varies
Ethan Hilman (presenter)
Executive Producer Kyle Gren
Head Writer Christian Roberts
Story Editor Audrey Robin
Supervising Producer Christian Robert
Producers Christian Robert
Audrey Robin
Ethan Hilman
Lead Editor Taylor Davis
Broadcaster Youtube
Owner Unitary Productions

Drenched in Lies is a Unitary Productions documentary series on corporate scandal, mostly in the United States, from 1980 to 2008. The series is mostly unknown, but is seem favorably by local viewership. The documentary offers commentary on "Reaganomics" and modern government bail outs. However, the production company as well as the state sponsor the Union of Privateers, has no formal stance on those subjects. The second season was made after a public stock sale, Christian Robert, newly elected CEO, made the call to move the series into more of a comedy or mockumentary about the modern U.S. corporate community.