Union of Privateers

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Union of Privateers
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Memento Mori
Drunken Sailor (unofficial)
Largest cityAves
Official language(s)English,
- Captain GeneralKyle Gren
- Commodore of the WhiteChristian Robert
LegislatureGrand Cabin
Area claimed20km²
Population31 (claimed)
CurrencyU.S. Dollar
Pound sterling
Time zoneByzantine time
National sportFour square
Patron saintSt Matthew of Galilee (unofficial)

The Union of Privateers, also called the Commonality of Privateers or the Union of Commons-in-Arms, was a minor historical model country that existed for twelve months from June 2016. Led by Kyle Gren and Christian Robert, who were more well-known for their leadership of the Confederation of Flevelt, the model country was the focus of the Unitary Productions channel on YouTube.


Historiographical issues

The main source for information about the Union is the original entry that Gren left on MicroWiki; however, the accuracy of this entry is questionable, as it was originally copied and pasted from the Confederation of Flevelt entry, and not all of the information taken directly from that entry was altered before Gren stopped editing the wiki in 2017.


On 7 June 2016 the Articles of agreement were signed by 5 privateers swearing to obey the "code" and form a government. Kyle Gren was elected as Captain General, who was the first to officially declare the union as a Sovereign State. After which the union became a association of "right honorable commons" who sever to up hold the articles of agreement and the systems set in place since.

Government and politics

The Unions governing document is "Articles of Agreement" also simply called the code. The Articles of Agreement set down a list of rules, these rules mostly regard the conduct and rules of the union, not government structure. The systems of government are stated in the Great Bylaws. The official head of state is the Captain General and is elected by popular vote. The Captain General has the power to pardon, declare war, sign treaties, preside over the Grand Cabin, and command the companies-in-arms. The Captain General formally takes power when the Captain General elect sits on the Captain's Chair and receives the previous captain's sword. The Commodore of the White is the head of government. The title derives form the symbol of the office, a white flag with a red cross, however, simply Commodore can be used instead. The Commodore of the white is charged with foreign relations, justice, and chairing meeting of the Grand Cabin. The Grand Cabin is a council of the five Captains-Major which has the power to enact laws, change the Great Bylaws, and appoint the Commodore of the White. There are five companies, each company elects four officers, the Captain-Major, the Pilot-Major, the Quartermaster, and the Boatswain. A Captain-Major has operational command of all privateers in their company and may give instructions, orders, and the like. A Pilot-Major is charged with navigation and travel routs. The Quartermaster is charged with supplies and materials. The Boatswain is charged with compliance, discipline, and presiding over trials on a local level.

Law and order

The Articles of Agreement are a list of ten rules which may not be broken under any instance. Other rules or orders set down by a Captain may be broken under some circumstances, for instance, if someone was unaware of the order or if their life was put in harms way because of he order.

Foreign relations

The Union's foreign relations are controlled by the Commodore of the White.


The Union's military is every citizen, all have a elected military commander, their Captain-Major. The military is mostly used for the protection of the "Common Land" meaning lands owned by and governed by the Union. The Captain General is the highest military authority, with the Commodore of the White as a deputy commander-in-chief of sorts. Each Captain-Major may act on their own operate on their own, but must obey the Captain General. The Captain-Major of a ship is chief commander with the Quartermaster being their deputy.

Geography and climate

The Union holds very little land however, the land that it does hold is mostly local bedrooms and other properties donated to the union by chartered privateers. The Union does employee boats and vessels for use which are seen as the unions land.


The Union currently produces no exports other than its labour force which works exclusively in the United States. Sun energy and imported U.S. energy is used to power homes which costs the Union some independence. The Union has procured coins to act as the gold plate standard, but presently the U.S. dollar is another form currency.


Culture of the Union is "The Same as the United States really... and may change in the future"- Kyle Gren. However, piracy and privateering were some influences on


The Union has been working on making a news Chanel called "Imperial News."