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Dinar of Timeria
Banknote of the Dinar of Timeria
Official users Timeria6.png Senatorial Republic of Timeria
Pegged to None
Symbol đ
Code DNT
Nickname Dinar
Plural Dinares
Sub-unit Cent
Coins None
Banknotes đ5, đ10, đ20, đ50
Central bank Bank of Timeria
Printer Bank of Timeria
Mint Bank of Timeria

The Dinar of Timeria, simply known as the Dinar (code: DNT), is the official currency of the Senatorial Republic of Timeria. The Dinar is subdivided into 100 cents.

The symbol for the Dinar is đ. The Dinar was created in 2003.

Calculation of value

The value of the dinar and its exchange rate with other currencies is calculated according to the cost of printing a banknote of 5 dinars.

According to calculations in January of 2016, print a banknote of 5 dinars to full color, on paper ISO 216 / DIN A6 148 X 210 mm and with cartridges 5.5 pl HDW, 1.3 pl LDW and injector printing 336 HDW, 336 multicoloured LDW in cartridges and black head with HP 564 Combo-pack cost 30 euros, so that the type of change is in:

Currency Exchange Rate
United States Dollar $6.53
Pound Sterling £4.57
Euro EUR 6.00
Banknote. 5 dinars. From 2013.
Banknote. 10 dinars. From 2014.
Banknote. 20 dinars. From 2014.
Banknote. 50 dinars. From 2014.


The Dinar of Timeria is used in Timerian Economic System such as cryptocurrency for the exchange of products and services.