Deshaki, Emperor of Copan

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Deshaki Echinatu I
3rd emperor of the copanic goventment and leader of the 2nd brigage
Predecessor Ceboku Tur I
Successor Útréud
Personal information
Born 30 September 2001 (2001-09-30) (age 16)
Gloucester, United Kingdom
Birth name Rory Ford
Citizenship Copanic
Nationality English
Ethnicity Copanic
Political party ECE party


The good emperor deshaki is the 3rd emperor of the royal empire of copan he is seen by many as the best and kindest emperor and since his crowning in 2014 the country hasn't been to war with another nation. This has not gone well with king reeves (the leader of one of copan's ally) as he is an extreme pro-war leader.


deshaki was born 30th of september 2001. he came into power in 2014 during the revelin cit ceboku (relelution of ceboku ). he also discovered the new woodlands. not much else is known about deshaki's histoy as he refuses to tell anyone.