Deseret War

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Deseret War
Date22 June 2018-24 June 2018
Result Seveirian Victory


Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 07.17.49.PNG United Southeast Asian States


Puppeted Gharazzi

Banate Of Severin


State Of Oleum


Condussian Confederacy

Hellenic Empire


Escalante Republic
Supported By

Bravelandflag.png Jack Perry

Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 07.17.4s9.png Aaron Penyami

Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 07.17.4s9.png Jonathan Gaellray

The Deseret War was a conflict in the Deseret Cluster.


The Escalante Republic and Seveiria where briefly at war during the Seveirian Conquest. Seveiria learned of an Escalantean plot to attack Seveiria. They responded with a declaration of war.

Operation Gulfstream

Operation Gulfstream is a Seveirian operation to win the war.

Acted Phases

Phase 1: Seveiria annexed a cafe claimed by the Escalante Republic. They claimed it as New Abkhazia.

Phase 2: Seveiria gained support from almost 20 other nations. This pushes the Escalante Republic out cyberly.

Phase 3: Seveiria took back recognition of the Escalante Republic.

Phase 4: Seveiria demanded that the Escalante Republic officially renounce all claims to New Abkhazia.

Proposed Phases

Phase 5: Seveirian invasion of New Abkhazia

Phase 6: Seveirian invasion of the Tonfru Sis Republic

Phase 7: Seveirian invasion of the Escalantean capital.

Phase 8: Total Seveirian takeover of the Escalante Republic.


The Escalante Republic renounced all claims to New Abkhazia. They gave Seveiria all Escalantean land in Vietnam.


The Escalante Republic proposed a merge with Seveiria, to form the Deseret Federation. This never fully happened.