Department of Colonial Security

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Department of Colonial Security
Department of Colonial Security

Department of Colonial Security

Colonial Alliance

The Department of Colonial Security is responsible for all Colonial Security. Although each colony has their own Department, the total forces of the Alliance can be called into action if necessary, reporting to the highest commanding officer and the Colonial Council.

The Department of Colonial Security is managed directly by the Administrative Command with oversight provided by the Council and the Colonial Security Council.

Duties of the Department

  • The Department of Colonial Security is charged with the duty of protecting the citizens of the colony. They will act as the police force.

Alert and Conditions

  • Red Mode - Reserved
  • Green Mode - Reserved
  • Blue Mode - Reserved
  • Gray Mode - Power Reserve Mode; Essential Resources ONLY

  • Security Alert - Internal and External Security Alert
    • Condition 1 - Reserved
    • Condition 2 - Reserved
    • Condition 3 - Reserved
    • Condition 4 - Reserved
    • Condition 5 - Reserved
    • Condition 6 - Reserved
  • Collision Alert - Used when threat of impact with HUB from craft
  • Tactical Alert - Part of Security Alert, but elevated to require arms

  • Red Alert - Highest Alert Status; Invasion, Radiation, System Failure, Etc.
    • General Quarters - Man Stations; Battle Stations
      • Condition 1 - Intruder Alert
      • Condition 2a - All (at level) Levels Sealed
      • Condition 2b - All (at intersection) Sections Sealed
      • Condition 3 - Lockdown and Seal off all Secured Areas
  • Green Alert - Reserved
  • Yellow Alert - Elevated Alert; Increased Preparedness
  • Blue Alert - Environmental Hazards; Medical Emergency (Localized)