Democratic Republic of Nova Senarica

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Democratic Republic of Nova Senarica
Nova Senarica flag
Coat of Arms

Deerheath Federal Territory
Capital city Deerheath
Largest city Asopica
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Secular
Short name Nova Senarica
Demonym Senarican
Government Federal republic
- President Elliott Nesso
Legislature High Council
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 5
Established 31 March 2014
Area claimed Approx 2000m
Population 23 (April 2014)
Currency British Pound
Time zone GMT, BST
National sport Cricket, Football
National animal Cat

Official website

Nova Senarica, officially the Democratic Republic of Nova Senarica, is a federal micronation located in the United Kingdom. The nation consists of five territories, the capital of which is Deerheath and most populated of which is Asopica. Nova Senarica covers an area of several square kilometres and has a subtropical seasonal climate. The culture of Nova Senarica is based mostly around sport, as well as a general discontent with the British attitude that a person's worth can be measured by exam results. With a population of around 20 citizens, though only around half of them are active in the movement, and the High Council only recently established, few laws and little unique culture has been established.


The name of the nation comes from Senarica in Italy, which was one of the smallest and longest-lasting Italian feudal states. For over four centuries, it remained independent from the larger and more powerful states around it, despite a population of only around 300. The name of the country is often abbreviated to The DRNS.


Artist's impression of John Dixon, leader of the Liberal Party of Nova Senarica.

Nova Senarica has a unicameral political system involving the National Party and Liberal Party. Whitworth, however, looks set to be represented by an Independent candidate, Sam Kelby. The five Councillors each get a specific responsibility in addition to representing their territory.


The National Party, led by the nation's first President, Elliott Nesso, is the largest party in the country, fielding candidates in four of the five territories. They were, however, unable to field a candidate in Whitworth. The core of the party is made up of Elliott Nesso, George Dixon and Owen Bookman, the three founders of the country.

The Liberal Party is the nation's second party. It is led by John Dixon, who took up his position as Opposition Leader when he observed that he "wouldn't trust his brother with a sandwich, let alone Stratdown". He managed to persuade Si Bookman and Tommy Nunn to support him in Cashouza and Asopica respectively.

Also standing in the 6th April General Election was Sam Kelby, the independent candidate for Whitworth who prefers to "stand behind his own ideologies rather than sequestering the party line". He was unopposed in his territory.

High Council

The High Council was last elected on April 6th 2014.

Role Name Territory Party In office since
Councillor for Foreign Affairs Elliott Nesso Deerheath.png Deerheath National 6 April 2014
Councillor for Administration John Dixon Stratdown.png Stratdown Liberal 6 April 2014
Councillor for Finance Sam Kelby Whitworth.png Whitworth Independent 6 April 2014
Councillor for Sport & Culture Owen Bookman Cashouza.png Cashouza National 6 April 2014
Councillor for Justice Jamie Butler Asopica.png Asopica National 6 April 2014


Main article: Territories of Nova Senarica

Nova Senarica has five territories: Asopica, Cashouza, Deerheath, Stratdown, and Whitworth. These territories were established within the first week of the Republic's existence. These territories have very little power in and of themselves, with a great deal of control being exerted by the High Council. Each territory contributes one member of the High Council, who is elected by the people of that territory. When a local election is tied, the Councillor is usually decided on the basis of whose party received most votes across the nation.

Each territory has its own feel: Asopica is an exclaved pair of houses, Cashouza is a pair of houses, only one of which is inhabited, Deerheath is the home of the president and capital of Nova Senarica, Stratdown is the most northern territory, and Whitworth is the least developed territory, used mostly for military exercises.

Territory Name Code Council Representative Established Population
Asopica.png Asopica AS Jamie Butler 2nd April 2014 9
Cashouza.png Cashouza CS Owen Bookman 1st April 2014 4
Deerheath.png Deerheath DH Elliott Nesso 31st March 2014 3
Stratdown.png Stratdown SD John Dixon 1st April 2014 5
Whitworth.png Whitworth WW Sam Kelby 4th April 2014 2