Democratic Republic of Mapistan

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Democratic Repubic of Mapistan
Demokratik Republik Mapistan (mpn)

Mapistan flag.pngMapistan coa.png

Para kitelnai, para kitel de kapita, i para lexa.
For the citizens, the president and the law. (English)
Raise up, people of the Mapistan
Capital cityMapistan City
Largest cityMapistan City
Official language(s)French (administrative and official language)
Mapistani, English (official)
Official religion(s)free
Short nameMapistan, DRM
GovernmentSyed Government (Mapistan)
- President of the MapistanDominik Klos
- Prime Minister of the MapistanAli Haider Syed
LegislatureThe Bordel National
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 12
- Last election - Mapistani General Election, April 2017
Established20 April 2016
Area claimed23 385 m²
CurrencyMapistani Kqanaj
Time zone(UTC+1:10)
National sportnone
National animalPhoenix

Mapistan, officially the Democratic Republic of Mapistan and also known by the acronym DRM, is a democratic republic surrounded by Belgian territory.

It was created first as the Republic of Mapistan on 18 February 2016, which became the United States of Mapistan and New Germany after reuniting with the New German State on 13 April 2016. After a coup d'etat by then-President of the State of Mapistan Dominik Klos, the nation fell to become the Kingdom of Mapistan on 18 April 2016. Two days later, the Democratic Republic was established after Klos' overthrow by El-Jebarist advocates.



Mapistan was founded as a project of a nation of peace and where everyone would live happy and calm on 18 February 2016 by Dominik Klos. It then saw two prime ministers before the Union with New Germany on 13 April 2016. This was overthrown by Klos who was self-proclaimed king five days later just to get overthrown by advocates of returning pre-Union prime minister Mohamed El Jebari to power two days later. He later became president again. The Mapistan has since seen eight governments, with the incumbent prime minister's Ali Syed's government ruling since 11 May 2017.

Democratic Republic of Mapistan


The Mapistani politics has never been stable. Currently it is dominated by the centre-left The Mix party, whose full name is: A Movement For the Universal Installation of The Cultural, Social and Financial Mix in The Democratic Republic of Mapistan (MUICSFMDRM).

Name Index
Linden's Revised System of Classification 4.6 (2017)
Matthew's Democracy System of classification 4.25 (2017)
Party Name Emblem Short Name Leader(s) Position Colours Seats in The Bordel National Provincial governors
The Mix Themix.png LM Dominik Klos
Charles Bollati
Centre-left Green
7 / 12
5 / 7
Republican Party Pralogo.png PRA Badr Ajanif Right-wing Blue
3 / 12
2 / 7
Johnson Movement Johnsonmovement.png MJ Osaertin Johnson Left-wing Red
2 / 12
0 / 7


In Mapistan, every six monthes, the people elect their representatives at a one-person-one-vote basis, where the people vote for a party. The representatives seat in The Bordel National and are allocated proportionally to the number of votes. Every year, each province appoints an elector which choose a President.

The President is the head of state and can run for maximally ten terms. The prime minister can serve for unlimited time. He chooses his ministers.


There are ten ministries: Interior, Foreign, Defense, Finance, Education, Environment, Sport, Culture, Justice and Health.


The economy is ruled by the Bordelbank Mapistan.



The Mapistan is subdivided into seven provinces, each in turn subdivided into municipalities. There are the provinces and their municipalities:


Tourists are welcome to the Mapistan.



The population of Occitania is 24. The most populated province is Mapistan City.

Citizens living abroad

All Mapistanis live outside of Mapistan, with 23 in Belgium and 1 in USA.


French is one of the official language and the only administrative. The other official language recognized by the constitution is Mapistani.

Foreign Affairs

The Mapistan hasn't yet opened a diplomatic relation, except with New Germany but which is now part of the Mapistan.



Other, smaller roads exist.


There's literally nothing going on.


A plurality (41%) of Mapistanis identify themselves as Roman Catholic. 35% of Mapistanis are Muslim, with 18% religion-less and 6% Protestant, according to the March 2017 census.


There are three media in the DRM. The national TV channel is Mapistan TV One. The national news website is MapiJournal.


The Mapistani Football Team represents Mapistan in the football's world.


Name Date
Gregorian New Year 1 January
Election Day Wednesday before Mapistani New Year
National Day of Mapistan Friday before Mapistani New Year
Mapistani New Year's Eve First Saturday Strictly after 17 February
Mapistani New Year First Sunday Strictly after 18 February
Union Day 13 April
International Workers' Day 1 May
Peace days 8–9 May
Europe day May
Democracy Day 28 May
Free Media Day 2 July
Civil War Peace Commemoration 12 September
President's Election Day 2 December


The Mapistan has a postal company : MapiPost.

Orders, decorations, and medals