Democratic People's Republic of Michigan

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Democratic People's Republic of Michigan
Flag of Democratic People's Republic of Michigan
Anthem: National Anthem of the USSR
GovernmentTotalitarian Dictatorship pretending to be Socialist
• Premier

The Democratic People's Republic of Michigan was an extremely juvenile micronation, known for frequent ideology-flipping and lack of commitment to an sort of idea. There is an extreme sparsity on info about the DPRM other than accounts from those who had interaction with it. The DPRM has also been known as "Royland" and the "Soviet People's Republic of Lendexia."


It is most likely that the Democratic People's Republic of Michigan comes from the fact that it was a socialist republic and was located in Michigan.


The DPRM was formed at an unknown date, and had a tendency to rapidly switch official name and ideology. It is believed that it had relations with the Enclave of Taedong, due to DPRM being one letter off of resembling DPRK, which Taedong takes heavy influence from. Due to a currently unknown reason it declared war on the Democratic Republic of Houseistan. This lead to the DPRM War, which lasted about a day. The DPRM immediately surrendered after learning it was under threat of invasion by the Federation of East Michigan. After this the DPRM continued to ideology flip and generally be a juvenile micronation. Currently is is under the name "Soviet People's Republic of Lendexia" as made apparent by the youtube channel that was formerly called the DPRM.[1]


The flag used in the infobox has only been found because of an old Ernland video.[2]