Dean I, Crown Prince of Evita

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His Imperial Highness
Dean I
HIH. Dean I's Official Picture
Crown Prince / Prime Minister Empire of Evita
In office
August 1, 2012 - present
Emperor of the Empire of Evita HIM. Kenneth I
Predecessor Throne Established
Successor HIH. George I (Apparant)
Personal information
Citizenship Empire of Evita, American
Nationality American
Ethnicity American
Occupation Living Life the Way i Want
Religion Athiest

Dean I assumed the role of Crown Prince being the Emperors Brother upon foundation of the Empire of Evita. His role in the government is very important as he is trusted with running the day to day operations of the Government."

Early life

Born in Denver, Colorado Dean the First has always had to deal with disabilities. He's fought them all to live a grand state of life. He graduated high school in Thornton, Colorado and lives near the Emperor in the Capital City. He came to know the Emperor six years ago, and they each have adopted each other as brothers.

Early micronationalism

Dean I new to all of this has taken time to work on issues native to Evita without a high profile on the Micronational scene. But in 2013 by will of the emperor is raising his profile by being sent to represent the Empire of Evita in the UM and Coalition of Inter Micronational States.

Evita Redux, 2013

With a new renaissance happening in Evita, his role is expanding even larger. As Prime Minister he is reaching out to other nations to show his face as someone who is of great importance in the Empire of Evita. And as a goodwill ambassador of sorts.

Political views



Internal Politics

Awards, honors, and titles



Full style

His Imperial Highness Dean I, Crown Prince of the Empire of Evita, Prime Minister of His Imperial Majesty's Government, President of the Emperors Most Honorable Privy Council.