Dan and Burns

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Bank notes.jpg
Official usersDanburnian flag.jpg Danburnia
Pegged to5 Sterling Pounds
Coins1b, 5b, 10b, 25b, 50b, D1
BanknotesD5, D10, D25, D50, D100, D500, D1000, D1000000

The official currency of Danburnia is the Dan . A Dan is represented by 'D' . One 'D' is made up of 100 Burns ('b'). The exchange rate works out at 5 Sterling pounds to 1 Dan. 1D = 100b ----- 1D = £1 ----- 1b = 5p

The design of the coins are all the same they feature the President's profile on one side and on the other is the amount the coin is worth. The only coin that is copper is '1b' the rest are silver. The design of the bank notes are also very similar. They have the President's profile on one side and the The national animal on the other. The amount of Dans is printed on all four corners on both side. The note also features the motto of Danburnia along the bottom of the note on both sides.The colour of the notes vary : al notes upto 'D100' are green and al above that are blue except the only 'D1,000,000' note , this is yellow.

Below are all the denominations of the Danburnian currency:


  • D 0.01 (1b)
  • D 0.05 (5b)
  • D 0.10 (10b)
  • D 0.25 (25b)
  • D 0.50 (50b)
  • D 1.00