Dan's System of Classification

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Dan's System of the Classification of Nations is to classify nations of all types, including micronations and macronations. It was introduced on 2 April 2012.


King Daniel I (aka dancar) of Danland wanted to introduce his system of classification because he wanted to classify the differences between a developed macronation (e.g. the USA or Japan) and a micronation (e.g. Danland or Sealand), so he introduced his classification of nations.


  • 1st World: Refers to developed macronations such as the USA, European countries and Japan.
  • 2nd World: Refers to developing macronations such as many African nations.
  • 3rd World: Limited recognised macronations such as Kosovo.
  • 4th World: Micronation like Sealand.
  • 5th World: A serious micronation with potential, but it will need an attractive culture to florish.
  • 6th World: A flaky micronation, a bit like the Kingdom of St. Charlie.
  • 7th World: An imaginary country, which issues its own artistamps.
  • 8th World: A fictional nation, e.g. the Isle of Sodor or United Federation