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Flaga cumaniu.png Present flag
Flag of Sooman to wiki.jpg old flag

County of the Cumania
Capital Danielov
Founded 26th Feb. 2016
Population 1
Area 11 square meters

Cumań(Read Ciuman) is county in Cumania.Sometimes called Right Sooman. There is capital of Cumania. Cumania is on two geographic regions, Danielia and on Predpocia-Hallia. Cumań is main territory in Cumania. There lives most people. There is goverment.



In Cumań is Cactus.

Origin of flag

Flag's green-white colours symbolize leek. Leek beacouse creator of Cumania said I create a Cumań country, when he said he was holding leek. In beginnings of Cumania, country was named Cumań (it was terrains of this county). Only after some conquests a name was changed to Cumania.