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Kingdom of Cumania
Krolestvo Cumanji
Królestwo Cumanii
Кролество Цуманйи

Flag of Sooman to wiki.jpg flagNHC3.png coat of arms

Regnum Cumanis, non Google un Europe(a)nis
Capital cityDanielov
Official language(s)Polish, Cumanian
Official religion(s)Clubism
DemonymSoomanian,Somanian,Soomanish,Cumanian(in English),Cumańczyk(in Polish)
- KingDaniel Sobczyński
Area claimedabout 20 sq meters
CurrencyPLN (Polish Złoty) CMZ (Cumanian Zloty)
Time zoneUTC +1 – winter UTC +2 – summer
Cumania(read Soomania) is micronation in central Poland. 

Leek coat of arms also has its origin. Maker of Cumania when he helding leek he said: Stworzę państwo! wich means I will create a nation! , and he created Cumania. It was in February in 2016. It is Monarchy. To 11 Sep 2017 it was Dictatorship.


Polish name Cumania comes from name of city in the game(this city there really, in Wenezuela)Cumana. English name, Cumania,in English sounds like Cumań in Polish.Cumania have also other origin. In early Cumania, Kingdom of Golden Carrot was post city(post connetion Wiktorion with Poland Kunegunda),this name was Cumana,which has the same origin like Cumania.


People called in english Soomanian(or Soomanish) but during mistake on wiki ,adopted at residents name Somanian.



Vilenia-Sobchynia is land. There were the roots of the nation.


Vilenia-Sobchynians migrated from Vilenia-Sobchynia to land Sobchynia-Lokaya and they are there to this day. Part of Sobchynians are today Soomanians.

New Podushkan War and New Podushkan ages

For short time in region on Sobchynia-Lokaya, Danielia were created three nations. Two of them weren't Sobchynians. This two nations were: Victorion and Poland Cunegunda. One nation is ancesor of Cumania, Kingdom of Golden Carrot. Victorion was most powerful, most weak was Poland Cunegunda. formally there was no war but there were attacks , annexations, there was no safety.Not long after Victorionians and Polish Cunegundas migrated.

Today Cumania

When creator of Cumania said:Stworzę państwo! he created nation, Cumania in 16.2.2016. Nation was created on region Danielia. Not long after Cumania captured very small part of other region, Predpocia-Hallia.

Annexion of Ciblony

In 17.02 2016 Cumania annexed Ciblony(Geographical region), this region started calling Teritorry of Ciblony. Ciblony is the area disputed between Poland and Cumania. There are many riots.

Annexion of Jadwo-Kuhony

In 28.2.2016 Cumania annexed very small part of Geographical Region Jadwo-Kuhony. This small part of region is starded called Jadwo-Kuhony county

Change of name

In 05.3.2016 name was changed from Cumań to Cumania.

Ciblony as Condominium

In 11 March, Ciblony was condominum of Poland and Cumania.


11 September 2017 Great President of Cumania proclaimed himself King of Cumania. Same day Cumania get vassal, Duchy of Rogosia and a new currency has been introduced and new Coat of Arms. Since 21/6/2018 Cumania do not recognize EU.

Coat of arms Sooman to wiki.jpg Old Cumania Coat of Arms


Cumanian Armed Forces (Pol.Siły zbrojne Cumanii) is armed with noises guns(only make noise) and water guns. Army haven't got a helmet. On head soldiers wearing typical russian cap for ears or caps with protecting against sun. Army have bike infantry.Land army of Cumania is called Cumanian Land Army(CLA). Army has also special units. They are wearing the mask of the devil. They are called Special Units of Cumań (in polish JSC, in english SUoC). Is also one more brench,border guards called Cumanian Border Guards(only in Cumania county) (Polish short: SGC, English short: CBG)



Nation is at height 190 meters above sea level.


Cumania have got two cities, Danielov(pol.Danielów) and Wola Rogozińska.

Administrative division

Cumania is divided into 2 duchies: Greater Cumania and Rogosia. Greater Cumania is divided between 3 counties: Cumań, Ciblony and Jadwo-Kuchony. Ciblony County is condominium of Poland and Cumania.