Culture of the Kid United Republic

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The Kid United Republic's Culture is based off mostly by Western culture. But there are elements that does not follow the usual western "way". Here are some things that the Kid United Republic do in their culture.

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The republic follows a traditional Russian, American, and a British heritage. Including all of there Federal Holidays, but there are some unique holidays below. All are listed randomly.

Holiday Date Information
Cole's Birthday November 27 Date of birth of President Jackson P. Cole.
Holocaust Rememberance Day March 25 Day of Remembering all who perished in the Holocaust.
Independence Day July 14 Celebrates KUR independence from the United States.
Mother's Day Second Sunday of May Day celebrating and appreciating Mothers.
Father's Day Third Sunday of June Day of celebrating and appreciating Fathers.
Kit McCarthy Day June 24 A day of remembrance, for the leaving of President Kit McCarthy of Mcarthia and the friendship of the two countries.
Heritage Days June 18–19 Reminding KUR citizens of the importance of their heritage wherever they may came from.
Sports Day July 27 Celebrating all official KUR sports and enjoying every sport across the globe.
Constitution Day July 29 A day commemorating the signing of the Constitution of KUR.
Auestenasia's Birthday September 20 KUR's inspiration for starting in the first place. And to honor that KUR citizens celebrate Auestenasia's Birthday
Thanksgiving Fourth thursday in November Day of giving thanks, a traditional holiday in the United States.
Christmas Eve December 25 Day of remembering the birth of our lord and savior.
Micronationalist Remembrance February 10 Remembrance for all the micronationalists and micronations before the Kid United Republic.