Copanese Regnal List

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The Copanese Regnal List is an inscription carved in a tree in Stoner's Wall, Copan, listing in Latin ciphers most of the monarchs to have reigned over Copan since its independence from the United Kingdom as part of the Caesarship of Orly. It is classed as a heritage site for the Carshalton Nations by the Austenasian Ministry for Culture.

The list was first made by an unknown Orlian during the reign of Prince Miles (March - April 2011), as it was discovered with his cipher as the last on the list. The ciphers of subsequent monarchs (with the exception of Tsarina Arsinoe II and Prince Ciaran) have since been added by their own authority.

At some point in July or August 2013, the ciphers of Declan I as King of Copan and Tsar of Orly were specifically vandalized, presumably by triumphant Orlians following the Liberation of the country.

Table of ciphers

Image Translation Monarch Title and reign
CALUM CAESAR HIH Caesar Calum Caesar of Orly
4 - 19 July 2010
(since vandalised)
DECLAN REX HM King Declan I King of Copan
19 July - 8 December 2010
(since vandalised)
DECLAN CAESAR HIM Tsar Declan I Tsar of Orly
8 December 2010 -
14 January 2012
FRANCES CAESARINA HIM Tsarina Frances I Tsarina of Orly
8 December 2010 -
15 February 2011
PTOLEMY CAESAR HIM Tsar Ptolemy I Alexander Tsar of Orly
15 - 16 February 2011
BERENICE CAESARINA HIM Tsarina Berenice I Tsarina of Orly
16 February 2011
ARSINOE CAESARINA HIM Tsarina Arsinoe I Cleopatra Tsarina of Orly
16 - 21 February 2011
PTOLEMY CAESAR HIM Tsar Ptolemy II Helios Tsar of Orly
21 February - 12 March 2011
MILES PRINCEPS HSH Prince Miles Prince of Copan
8 March - 24 April 2011
JOSEPH PRINCEPS HSH Prince Joseph Prince of Copan
24 April 2011 - 2 August 2011
HM King Ptolemy IV
Prince of Copan
2 August 2011 - 14 January 2012
EMMA REGINA HM Queen Emma I Queen of Copan
24 June 2013 – present