Congress of the Arlo Possessions on the American Continent

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The Continental Congress (official: Congress of the Arlo Possessions on the American Continent) was a legislative body comprised of all the emperors and empresses of the United Republic of Arlberg. It was Arlberg's official legislature, although it delegated most legislative authority to the Body of States.

On March 22, 2006, it was officially reorganized and convened on the 23rd as the Parliament of the Commonwealth.


When Arlberg formally adopted the Empi System on October 13, 2005, both of the heads of each state were required to agree on laws. In order to make that easier on a federal level, the Arlos created the Continental Congress, comprised of six members, the two heads of each state.

On March 23, 2006, the Congress reconvened as the Parliament of the United Arlberg Commonwealth.


Arlberg's Continental Congress consists of nine people. Each Emperor and each Empress serve as the head of a Congressional Department

Parties of the Congress

  • Labour, commonly referred to as the Labour Party (because of the negativity surrounding 'National Socialist'). Arlberg's largest party, the Labour Party is designated with an L. Labour is the current government party.
  • Moderate Party, Arlberg's liberal party, with a strong following in the Federal Fringe but little elsewhere, it ceased to exist on March 23.
  • Conservative Arlo Alliance, Arlberg's conservative right-wing party, popular in Hamburg and the current opposition party.