Confederation of Italian-German Monarchic States

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16 March 2019 — 29 April 2019

CMSIT Flag.jpg

Capital cityQuedlingburg
Official language(s)Italian, German
GovernmentPrussian-Style Confederation
- KaiserGian I Von Quedlingburg
- Minister of MinistersLorenzo Valente
Time zone+1:00
National sportFootball
National animalEagle
This country was a member of UMNI.

Confederation of Italian-German Monarchic States (in italian: Confederazione degli Stati Monarchici Italo-Tedeschi) was a micronation created by Gian I Von Quedlingburg and failed on 29 April 2019.

It was a confederal micronation: CSMIT was composed of 32 states which were all cities scattered among Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic and Italy. The states were city-states and the mayor of the city is also the head of state of the state.

On 29 April 2019 Gian I declares the fail of CSMIT, and all the states becames a colony of the People's Republic of Tawil, but Emergency Interessantist Republic proposes to Lorenzo Valente the control of part of the cities.


CMSIT was composed of 32 city/states and the head of state of the cities are the president.

Well, we know just 16 of that cities:

  • Blankenburg
  • Goslar
  • Thale
  • Brocken
  • Magdeburg
  • Quedlinburg
  • Qued
  • Liepzig
  • Sassony
  • Ciriaco
  • Estanburg
  • Small Frankfurt (Central)
  • Small Frankfurt (South)
  • Small Frankfurt (North)
  • Small Frankfurt (West)
  • Small Frankfurt (East)

Quedlinburg was the capital city of the CMSIT.

The another 16 cities (also these located in Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland), are not known and consequently they are not occupied by any micronation after the fail of CMSIT.

After the fail of CMSIT Samuele Cheli and Lorenzo Valente discuss to divide the cities and the cities of Blankenburg, Quedlinburg, Liepzig, Ciriaco, Small Frankfurt (South and West), Thale and Qued becames officially cities of People's Republic of Tawil, and the other cities becames the cities of the Mycusian Prussies, a colony of the Emergency Interessantist Republic.