Communist Party of Gran Pais

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Communist Party of Gran Paìs
LeaderEmanuel Terranova
FoundedJanuary 5, 2014
IdeologyCommunism, Marxism, Council Communism, Luxembourgism
Political positionFar-left
Official coloursYellow

The Communist Party of Gran Paìs (CPGP) is a political party in Gran Pais. It was founded on January 5, 2014 and it's leader is Emanuel Terranova. CPGP has 4 deputies in the Gran Paìsian Congress.


After that the Gran Paìsian Congress was made, 4 parties where founded: Democrat Party (4 deputies in Congess), Republican Party (4), Communist Party (4) and the Socialist Party (1). Two hours after that the CPGP was founded, Emanuel Terranova became the leader.


The Communist Party of Gran Paìs describe themselves as communists, but opposes from vanguardism. The most popular ideologies in CPGP are: left communism (including luxembourgism, council communism, de leonism etc.) and marxism. There are sections of anarcho-communists in CPGP.

Coalition with the Socialist Party

The Socialist Party and the Communist Party are going to make a coalition, but nothing is known yet.