Colonial Command Academy

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Colonial Command Academy
Colonial Command Academy

Colonial Command Academy


Colonial Alliance

The Colonial Command Academy, or CCA, is primarily designed to be a general learning college for the citizens of the Colonies. Each colony within the Colonial Alliance supports their own CCA program as perscribed by Colonial Law.

The CCA has a vast variety of general subject matters for citizens to choose from, ranging from the study of mathematics to the study of dead languages. CCA also offers more specific training in areas relating to Administrative Command careers.

Depending on the individual, students may begin their studies at ages as young as 12. This is because the Colonial Alliance uses all possible means of advanced teaching methods to educate our young. Additionally citizens of the Colonial Alliance begin their school careers at much younger ages than what is normal to the rest of the world. Some children begin their education by professionals around the age of one.

Speacialized Command Training

  • Medical Service and Aid Training
  • Technical Service Training
  • Higher Command Training
  • Advanced Tactical Training