Coldstream Guards of Wellmoore

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The Coldstream Guards is an infantry regiment in The Wellmoorean Army. One of its principal roles is the protection of the monarchy; due to this, it often participates in state ceremonial occasions.

Coldstream Guards
Guardas Coldstream
Coldstream Ensign.jpg
Ensign of the Coldstream Guards
Founded16th of March 2020
CountryWellmoore's Flag.jpg The Kingdom of Wellmoore
AllegianceKing Luke of Wellmoore
BranchWellmoorean Army Ensign.jpg Wellmoorean Army
RoleCeremonial Guards & Light Infantry
Part ofGuards Division
Anniversaries16th of March 2020
Battle HonoursThe Wellmoorean Insurgency
Commander-in-ChiefKing Luke of Wellmoore
Commanding OffierNone Appointed
Regimental Sergeant MajorNone Appointed
Cap Badge of the Coldstream GuardsColdstream Guards Cap Badge.jpg
Tactical Recognition FlashWellmoore Guards Tactical Recognition Flash.png
Collar BadgeBadge of the Coldstream Guards
Shoulder BadgeRoyal Cypher
PlumeRed (Right Side of Bearskin)
AbbreviationCOLDM CDS


The Coldsream Guards was founded as part of the Wellmoorean Army on the 16th of March 2020 as one of the 5 Guards Regiments, in the Guards Division of the Wellmoorean Army.

Battle Honours

  • The Wellmoorean Insurgency (30th of June 2021 - 2nd of July 2021)


Recruits and Officers report to the Guards Training Depot after completion of Basic Training at the Infantry Training Centre or Officer Training Centre. The training is two weeks longer than the training for the Regular Infantry Regiments of the Wellmoorean Army; the extra training, carried out throughout the course, is devoted to drill and ceremonies.


Infantry Role

The Coldstream Guards are a light infantry regiment of The Wellmoorean Army.

Ceremonial Role

The Coldstream Guards have a shared duty to protect Royal Palaces (along with other sites around Wellmoore), along with the other Guards Regiments.

Changing of the Guard

After guarding the Royal Palaces for a 24 Hour period, the Changing of the Guard Ceremony takes place where the outgoing and incoming Guards Regiments perform drill to signify the change of regiments.

Trooping of the Colour

On the Monarch's birthday the Guards Regiments muster and each take turns to parade their colour in front of the monarch.

The colour of the Coldstream Guards are to show the Regiment's Battle Honours.

Regimental Alliances

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