Coastal Empire

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Coastal Empire
Küsten Reich

First Coastal Empire.pngNocoa.png

Official language(s)English, German
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy
- EmperorRaven Corteir
Area claimed12 acres
Time zoneET

The Coastal Empire, known at present as the First Coastal Empire, was a micronational entity initially established in 1987. It consisted of several territories in and near the state of Florida. As such, the Coastal Empire was an enclave of the United States of America.

The Coastal Empire was inspired by the United States, the Third Reich and Sealand to various degrees. Throughout much of its history, it was a heterosexist ethnostate open only to straight Caucasian and Hispanic peoples. When the empire was overseen by a younger generation between 2016 and 2020, all racist and homophobic laws were abolished.

The Coastal Empire was merged into the Second Coastal Empire in 2020, alongside the Kingdom of Zallia and Northarctica.


Around the year 1987, news of Sealand's independence reached the United States, inspiring many to create micronations of their own. One of these individuals was Hansel, a World War II veteran living in southwest Florida. He created the Coastal Empire as the Küsten Reich, claiming his beach house as its territory and declaring it a spiritual successor of the Third German Reich. A vast majority of the racist and homophobic laws the Empire was (for a time) known for were enacted under Hansel's rule.

In late 2016, Emperor Hansel perished in his sleep. He left the Coastal Empire to his grandson, Raven Cortier, who adopted the title of Emperor Torchwick I. Under his rule, the Coastal Empire gained two more territories, increasing its overall size to twelve acres. However, soon after Raven's ascension to the throne, he suddenly abdicated in favor of his brother, who adopted the title of Emperor Corvus I for the entirety of his almost four year long reign.

In early 2020, Raven once again became the Emperor of the Coastal Empire, and finally took the opportunity to abolish all of the nation's racist and homophobic laws. However, he realized the need for further state reform. He then merged the Coastal Empire with his own nation, the Kingdom of Zallia, and the former Phoklandian territory of Northarctica. The nation formed from this merge was known as the Second Coastal Empire.