Co-operative Party (Caudonia)

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Co-operative Party
ChairmanWilliam I
LeaderWilliam Smish
Deputy LeaderVacant
Founded3 November 2019
Dissolved8 March 2020
Social Liberalism
Social democracy
Green politics
Political positionCentre-left
Slogan"Co-operation for a better Caudonia!"

The Co-operative Party (German: Genossenschaftspartei) was a centre-left political party in Caudonia. It was formed by Prince William I on 3 November 2019 as the Green Party of Caudonia, but changed its name on 19 January 2020.

Logo of the Green Party,

Electoral results

Election year # of votes % seats won +/- Government
Nov. 2019 3 7.9%
1 / 17
1 in coalition
March 2020 4 9.1%
1 / 19
Steady *
  • Dissolved prior to the formation of a government