Claus Republic

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Claus Republic
—  Province of Winthroopstan  —
Motto: "Claus Republic cheaper"
Country Winthroopstan
Settled 1970
Founder Franz F., Christa F.
 - Governor Claus F.
Population (October 18, 2017)
 - Total 3

The Claus Republic is a province in Winthroopstan. The province is very similar to Bulgaria and the Czech Republic, thus the name 'Claus Republic'. The province was called "Arberseedorf" until October 15, 2017 when the Emperor decided to change it to commemorate the Governor, who frequently obsesses about Bulgaria and the Czech Republic.

The Claus Republic was first settled in 1970, and became part of Winthroopstan in 2015.

The Claus Republic is a unique province in Winthroopstan, and it has a culture different to the rest of Winthroopstan's. Eurotrash (a.k.a. Eurodance) music, is most commonly listened to in the region, with Bavarian music also adored. Czech and German foods are most popular in the Claus Republic.

The Claus Republic's flag is very symbolic, with the form of the Czech Republic, the colors of the German Empire and the country of Bulgaria on the flag. Only Royals and Claus live in the region.

Of course, Claus is highly admired in Winthroopstan, and especially the Claus Republic, making him a local celebrity.

It's motto is based on Claus' quote: "Czech Republic cheaper".