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Not to be confused with Chuntariti Religion.

Chuntarata is a constructed language and the official language of the Feudal kingdom of the Chuntaro Clan.


Chuntarata has a somewhat flexible word order that generally surrounds Subject Verb Object. verbs are always in the present tense when the subject is "who" or "you". instead, verb tense is based by adding a suffix to the subject. "you'st'd consuming", means, "you ate". "whom'st'd've consuming" means "who should have eaten" Chuntarata's alphabet is the same as English, but without the letter "q".


Chuntarata is a constructed regional dialect of the official meme language on the "tinycards" app, written by Elijah M. Both Chuntarata and meme language share common grammar. The vocabulary of both is based heavily on slang and AAVE, American and English pop culture terms, Japanese, and Esperanto. The difference between Chuntarata and typical meme language is that the vocabulary envelopes a larger amount of Spanish and Japanese words, for example:

English: what, sandal, dog

Meme language: wat, footbra, doge/doggo

Chuntarata: nani, chankla, doggo/perroloco

Secondly, Chuntarata is more tonal, for example: yeet (yiiht) means to throw, yeet (yuh-iiht)means to throw overhand with force. reee (rii) is an expression of enthusiasm or rage but reeeee (ray-iii) specifically shows enraged insanity.

grammar Samples

English Chuntarata Meme Language
Who ate lunch at school yesterday? whomst’ed eating Doritos at prison ashita? Whomst'ed eating doritos at child prison yastadai?
Chuntaro is the greatest nation on earth! Chuntaro is da mos bada’s cuntray on Da flat earth! Chuntaro is da mos bada's cuntray on da flat earth!
I will throw this dog I gonna yeet dis doggo/perroloco I gonna yeet dis doge
English Chuntarata Meme Language
kyle likes liquids kyle likes dem likwid kyle likes dōz liquid/likwid