Chuntariti Religion

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Chuntariti is the Official religion of the Feudal kingdom of the Chuntaro Clan. It is scientific animism met with a Japanese Shinto style.


1. There is a spiritual energy in all matter that makes molecules move and acts as a conscious center in all things.

2. When you break an object, the new part gains consciousness.

3.When you fuse two objects together the smaller object looses its consciousness.

4.Different stages of matter act as different objects. A tub full of water does not have a single consciousness, but the water, porcelain, knobs, etc. all have separate consciouses.

5. You can scientifically separate a bit of consciousness from an object and put it around another, called a Shintai. A shintai is usually at the center of a japanese Shinto shrine.

6. When you die your consciousness states in your body.

7. Conscious energy can become corrupted or negative


State Chuntariti-ism states that the spirits of the followers of the Chintariti Religion and citizens of chuntaro are always with them and that chuntaro is the only true nation on earth. There is a small fear that socialist state-Chuntaritis will rise up and form a regime referred to as, “chuntarazi-ism'


Jesus, the king of the Feudal kingdom of the Chuntaro Clan, as his family must state that they are followers in order to keep their crown.

Chuntaro Jinja

Chuntaro Jinja is the only Chuntariti place of worship, outside of Japanese Shinto shrines, which are accepted by the Chuntariti Religion. It consists of a 3D printed mini shrine with a goshintai of a small stone and paper Goshintai. It enshrines the Santa Barbara area Indian chief, Anapamu, as well at the ocean, moon, and sun(refered to as Amaterasu).