Cheslovian National Archives

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The Cheslovia National Archives (previously known as the National Library and the Kaznian Library during the Kaznian Empire) are a complex series of documents and Baltian related information stored in the Musorov Kremlin.


The Cheslovian National Archives came into existence shortly after the establishment of Russland in 2006. The Cheslovian National Archives became vast during the beginning of the Principality of Kaznia, due to a large increase in bureaucracy.

Pre archives

Before the establishment of the Cheslovian National Archives many documents (very valuable in retrospect) were destroyed instead of kept. Documents included laws, national symbols, historical maps and other items. These cannot be fully reproduced, as they are not remembered exactly by any Cheslovian citizen although many attempts have been made.

Cheslovian federal neglect

During the first months of the Cheslovian Federation, the archives became extremely unorganised and had information from different dates mixed together. Sorting the archives would take an extremely long time to accomplish.