Charles Calvin

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Charles Calvin
Charles in Winterland 2022
12th & 14th President of Europium
Assumed office
April 17 2022
Serving with Mike Salvador (until 13 January 2023) & I. Cervin
Prime MinisterWallace Dagwood
Vice PresidentReginald Copperbottom John Utensils Carol Cross Anthony Ciron
Preceded byPiconight
Second President of Besti
Assumed office
23 October 2022
Vice PresidentAnthony Ciron
Acting President of Europium
In office
April 9 2022 – April 17 2022
Preceded byPiconight
Succeeded byHimself
President of KBE
In office
12 June 2022 – 4 September 2022
MonarchBest Europian II
Prime MinisterZachary Nut Kawasaki Benin
Preceded byBaitong Sutherthai
Succeeded byCalvin Bukowski
Personal details
BornCharles Ontario 21 January 1985 (1985-01-21) (age 38)[a]
Boston, USA
CitizenshipUnited States 1985-Present[b]

Greece 1990-Present Thailand 2021-Present

Japan 2022-Present
NationalityAmerican, Australian
SpouseNguyen Pho Shi
Military service
RankVice Admiral

Charles Calvin (Thai: ชาร์ลส์ คัลวิน, Greek: Τσαρλς Κάλβιν) (Born 21 January 1985) is the current president of Republic of Best Europium and KBE, starting from 17 April, 2022 until 20 October 2022 and until his resignation from President of KBE in 4 September 2022.

Henry Stickmin and Ellie

Charles meeting Ellie at Russia or Canada(The wall)

Originally named after his Character from The Henry Stickmin Collection Charles Calvin Nickname "Charlie" and Ellie Rose Nickname "Ellie" and Henry Stickmin is Named Henry

2022 Presidential Election results

9 April 2022's election results in a pie chart

  Charles Calvin (57.38%)
  Kigali Hamilton (26%)
  Humerus Orara (15.62%)