Pico Neonight

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Neonight (นีโอไนท์)
Neonight as FNF Character
President of Europium
In office
December 5, 2021 – April 17, 2022
Vice PresidentReginald Copperbottom
Preceded byCarol Cross
Succeeded byCharles Calvin
President of Funky Friday Republic
In office
September 25, 2021 – December 5, 2021
Preceded byOffice established
Succeeded byWhitty Whitmore
President of Dagwood School
Assumed office
1 January 2021
Personal details
Born17 May 2001 (2001-05-17) (age 22)
Columbia, USA

Piconight Neo (Thai:พิโกะ นีโอไนท์) (Born 17 May 2001) was the founder of the Republic of Best Europium his named after Neonight (FNF) or Neonight (Youtube) who is only youngest-living President of Best Europium,

Early Life and Education

Pico Neonight was born in South Carolina, USA

Pico Neonight was Study at Chapin High School when he was Age 15

Graduated from University of South Carolina

In May 2022 Neonight was moved to New York

Political Career

Carol Cross set the Vote of 2 Dec 2021 (Carol : 10%) (Pico Neonight : 90%)

Pico Neonight was Region USA but can speaking Thai,English[USA],German