Europium Euro

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The Europium Euro (E€ or simply just EPE) is the official currency of the Republic of Best Europium which the government owns and is responsible for producing banknotes, coins and stamps, with separate departments.

Currency exchange rate

Europium Euro GBP USD THB
€1.00 = 0.84 Pound 1.05 Dollar (US) 36.09 Baht



Like many other currencies' banknotes, it has a anti-fake banknote protection: when putting the banknote in a UV light, a coat of arms will overlay the symbol included on the banknote; Except for the 20 Europium banknote, which includes the elephant itself. So, the Best Europium flag will appear on the 50 banknote instead of the elephant.

Value Sample Banknote
20 EPE
50 EPE
100 EPE
500 EPE