Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Breckland

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Chancellor of Breckland
Above: The Presidential Flag
Formed: 10 October 2015
Reformed: 30 January 2016
Term length: 1 Year
Incumbent' John Gordon

The Chancellor of Breckland or full title Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Breckland is the head of state of the Federal Republic of Breckland. The Chancellor is elected by the citizens of Breckland in a General Election, held no more than every five months and no less than every four years, on a date specified by the Monarchy. Members of Parliament who wish to stand for election must place their Candidacy with the District.

Qualifications for office

There are only three requirements to become Chancellor.

  • Have Breckland citizenship.
  • Have a generally clean criminal record both in Breckland and the macronation the applicant is from.
  • Belong to the Republican National Party of Breckland.

End of Chancellorship

The following qualifies for a Presidents end of term:

  • Time of Chancellorship expires,
  • Death,
  • Voluntary dismissal,
  • Permanent inability, due to serious illness,
  • Nation wide demand for the Chancellor to step down from office
  • Found guilty of constitutional contempt by the Federal Constitutional Courts

List of Chancellors of Breckland

List of Chancellors of Breckland
# Name Political party Term start Term end Notes Days in office
1 John Gordon Breckland Republican Party 30 January 2016 Incumbent First Breckland Chancellor Incumbent