Central Protectorate's Museums

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Central Protectorate's Museums
Yuniversan Caves
The main entrance (by night)
Established 2008
Location Vignetia
Pion, Province of Pozut
Type Historical and artistic museum
Sections Yuniversan Pinacoteca
Archaeological Museum
Museum of the Sculptures
Philatelic Museum
Curator Giovanni Marzio

The Central Protectorate's Museums, also known as Yuniversan Caves is the national and unique museum of the Decracy of Yunivers. Originally located in the Dungeon of the Central Protectorate Palace, in 2010 has opened a new section in the dungeon of the Ossario Palace.


The museum opened in 2008, from an idea of King Tiziano I. In the museums were transferred the major works of art that make up the heritage of the Protectorate.

Pinacoteca Yuniversana

This gallery includes all the paintings, for a total of 20 works. There are paintings by Caprari, Novella Parigini, Marini and Giovannin. This section is located in the Central Protectorate Palace.

Archaeological Museum

This gallery includes all the archaeological remains that have been found in the territory of Yunivers, from the Iron Age to the Middle Ages, for a total of 58 artefacts. There are also artefacts from Egypt, Turkey and Greece. It is located in the dungeon of the Ossario Palace

Museum of the Sculptures

Includes many sculptures and artefacts such vases, amphorae, etc. It is located in the Central Protectorate Palace.


Visits are possible from the June 1st to the September 10th, every year. The cost of the ticket is 2 Euros. During other periods, access to museums is possible only after a specific request to the offices.


This is a gallery with some of the most important works