Catholic Church of Servus

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Church of Servus
Coat of Arms
Active 31 October 1715 – present
Holy See Straussenburg
Territory Dragovania
Primate Bernardus II, Patriarch of Dragovania
Important places
Church of St. Sainz, Straussenburg
General data
Languages Latin, German, English
Dioceses TBA
Churches 6

The Church of Servus is a self-established, independent church based on Christian beliefs, but the church also has pagan, wiccan and orthodox influences. The church is open-minded and has pragmatic views on issues, for example the church of Servus accepts homosexuality. For these reasons, the church isn't particulary considered Christian, but the name is still Church of Servus.


The church was formed in 1715 by Francis I.

Rituals et cetera

The Church of Servus is based on christian beliefs and pagan (wiccan) and orthodox rituals.

Leaders of the Church

See infobox.

Patriarch of Dragovania


Patriarch Bernardus II of Dragovania

Style: His Beatitude
Residence: Straussenburg, Dragovania
First Patriarch: Francis I
Formation: 1715