Principality of Dragovania

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Principality of Dragovania
German: Fürstentum Dragovanien
Romanian: Principatul Dragovaniei
Hungarian: Dragovania Fejedelemség
Serbian: Кнежевина Драгованиа (Kneževina Dragovania)


Eagle by clercq-d9efybz.png

Coat of arms 

Indivisibiliter ac Inseparabiliter (Latin)
"Indivisible and Inseparable"
Domine, salvum fac regem
Location of Dragovania
Capital city Straussenburg (Romanian: Drazasca)
Official language(s) German, Romanian, Hungarian, Serbian
Official religion(s) Catholic, Secular, Orthodoxy, Protestantism, Neopaganism, Catholic Church of Servus
Short name Dragovania
Demonym Dragovanians
Government Constitutional monarchy 
Elective monarchy
- Monarch Prince Franz III
- Prime Minister Heinrich von Schwertberger
Legislature Parliament
- Type - Parliament
- Number of seats - 100
Established Establishment - November 21, 1715
Principality - November 21, 1715
Population 220.154  
Currency Krone
Time zone GMT +1
National animal Eagle, double headed eagle, crow

Official website
Not to be confused with Dragovina.

The Principality of Dragovania is a micronation located in the Banat region in central Europe. It is an isolated European country ruled by Prince Franz III. The state form of Dragovania is a constitutional monarchy headed by a prince. The prince is elected by the population, thereby Dragovania is a elective monarchy.


Dragovania was formed out of land annexed from southern Hungary centuries before, and possibly land from Serbia as well as Romania.


The common geographic description of Dragovania places it as a small nation, around the area where Hungary, Romania and Serbia (Vojvodina) meet in real life. It is depicted as a constitutional monarchy. The capital city of Dragovania is Straussenburg, also knows as Drazasca in Romanian. The administrative center is Castle Strauss.

  • Population: 220.154 (This is an approximation since the government of Dragovania has been fiercely secretive of its census activity, and has not allowed geographers to study the country in over 20 years)
  • Type of Government: Constitutional monarchy (Franz III: Crowned republic)
  • Languages: German, Romanian, Hungarian, Serbian.
  • Ethnic Groups: Mixed European stock, Austrians, Slavs, Roma.
  • Major Business Centers: None
  • Currency: Dragovanian Krone
  • Public Holidays: Christmas, New Year

Cities and Towns

  • Schwarzenburg -
  • Felixstadt -
  • Straussenburg - The capital of Dragovania.
  • Krähenwald -
  • Rabenstein -
  • Drachenstein -


The population consists of mixed European stock and Romani people.