Cascadian Freedom Party

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Freedom Party
PresidentDiana Smith
Vice PresidentCeres Smith
SecretaryJoann Wilde
Slogan"Together, we will restore order!"
AnthemBattle Hymn of the Republic
Founded15 July 2015 (as Shaoshan National Party)
11 September 2019 (reunification of National and Christian Democrats)
HeadquartersNew Reno
Membership  (2019)13
IdeologyConservative democracy
National conservatism
Social conservatism
Fiscal Conservatism
Economic nationalism
Political positionRight to Far-right
Official coloursYellow and purple
Cascadian National Assembly
1 / 7

The Cascadian Freedom Party (CFP, and also known as the "Freedoms" or just "Freedom") is a social conservative political party in Cascadia. The party is a reunification of the National Party and the Christian Democrats who split in November 2018 after the nation's re-democratization over ideological differences. Following the succession of the National Party, it was established in July 2015 and is the oldest surviving political party spanning the eras of Shaoshan, Sonora and Cascadia. The party has been deemed "far-right" by some political analysts while the party maintains it is a right wing populist and conservative movement.


The party currently adheres to mainly conservative democratic and strict national and social conservative ideology. Economically, it believes in a free market capitalist system and free enterprise favoring tariffs with other countries and strong protectionism. It also espouses creating and establishing business interests in Cascadia while also maintaining strong fiscal responsibility, reduced government spending and budget management. The party is anti-immigration and has called for tighter border security. It adopted a policy of maintaining Cascadia's identity but remaining part of the American union. It also adopted a more hardline foreign policy and anti-communist stance calling the Cascadian Patriotic Party "a continuance of the Smith socialist dictatorship under the guise of democracy...full of corrupt and immoral traitors."


The Party strives to "restore order and civility" in Cascadia "which [it] failed to do during the Sonoran era". According to the Party Constitution, the Freedom Party would enact legislation to include:

  • Institute prayer back in schools
  • Criminalize abortion with exceptions
  • Close all Sonoran borders and enact border regulation
  • Establish a stricter rule of law with harsher punishments for hainous crimes
  • Ban on communist symbols, literature, and political organizations
  • Ban on Islamic symbols, literature, religious and political organizations
  • Travel ban on citizens of Islamic countries or Cascadians to Islamic countries
  • Tariffs on foreign goods, with exceptions for the United States