Cascadian People's Green Army

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Cascadian People's Green Army
Arm Glas an Phobail (Irish)
Grand Army of the Republic (informal)
Established 20 May 2019
Country Cascadia
Service Branches *People's Green Army Ground Force
*People's Green Army-Navy
*People's Green Army-Space Force
*Border Enforcement Guard
*People's Expeditionary Force (Scientific)
Previous engagements Cascadian War
Current engagements None
Generalissimo, Chairman of the National Defense Commission and Central Military Committee, People's Commissar for Border Enforcement Service Her Excellency President Titania Smith
Chief of Staff Príomhmarshal Cali Bear
Chairman of the Science and Energy Commission Pusheen the Cat
General information
Headquarters Clackamas, Portlandian SSR, Cascadia
Active personnel 21

The Cascadian People's Green Army, or PGA (Irish:Arm Glas an Phobail, or AGP), and also known informally as the Grand Army of the Republic) is the official national military of the Cascadian Democratic Republic. It originated as the Cascadian People's Army, taking it's current form following the Cascadian War, it's only active military engagement. It has gone through name changes as the Cascadian Army (May 2019-March 2020), Cascadian People's Army (March-April 2020), and Cascadian People's Green Army, or PGA, (April 2020-present).

The Army is overseen, funded, and directed by the Ministry of Defense, which is presided over by the Defense Minister, appointed by the President of the Republic. The President holds the position of commander-in-chief, the title of "Generalissimo" and and makes decisions regarding the organization of units and the promotion of officers in consultation with the Ministry of Defense. The Army consists of the Ground Force, a Naval Force, and a Space Force. The Army currently consists of 21 members.

The Army and its subsidiaries are responsible for national defense, border, and maritime enforcement, and humanitarian missions.

Current Roster

  • Generalissimo Titania Smith
  • PriómhMarshal ("Chief Marshal") Cali Bear
  • Poblachtmarshal ("Marshal of the Republic") Amy Smith
  • PoblachtMarshal Mark Olsen
  • Marshal Buster McCovey
  • Marshal Stormy the Cat
  • Marshal Pusheen the Cat
  • Marshal Tater the Cat
  • Field Marshal James von Hindenburg
  • General Katherine von Hindenburg
  • General Josh Graceson
  • Commander Martin Salvador
  • Colonel Pip the Cat
  • Colonel Juno Smith - Army Rangers
  • Captain Purrlock Holmesheen
  • Lieutenant Pancake the Cat
  • Lieutenant Alexa Vargos
  • Sergeant Will Whappo
  • Sergeant Pugsheen O’Malley
  • Private Steph Larson
  • Private Porg Penguin
  • Private Sirsheen the Cat