Captain General of Royal Queensland Marines

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Captain General Royal Queensland Marines
Captain General (Queensland Marines).svg
Captain General Royal Queensland Marines Insignia
King Edward IX's New Photo.png
Prince Albert,Duke of Sembilan

since 16 January 2018
AppointerThe Monarch
Term lengthAt His/Her Majesty's pleasure
Formation3 January 2016
First holderGeorge I of Queensland

The Captain General Royal Queensland Marines Corps is the ceremonial head of the Royal Queensland Marines Corps. The uniform and insignia worn by the Captain General are those of a Royal Marines Colonel or higher depending on the appointee's current or previously held rank. This position is distinct from that of the Commandant General Royal Queensland Marines, the professional head (who is ranked as a major-general). The Captain General is appointed by the Monarch of the Kingdom of Queensland.

Post holders

The post has been held by the following:

No. Portrait Name Title Term of office
Took office Left office Time in office
&100000000000000010000001 Princess Charlotte Photo.png Princess Victoria, Duchess of Elizabeth Captain General 3 January 2016 (2016-01-03) 16 January 2018 (2018-01-16) 2 years, 13 days
&100000000000000020000002 King Edward IX's New Photo.png Prince Albert,Duke of Sembilan 16 January 2018 (2018-01-16) Incumbent 3 years, 193 days