Cabinet of Wellmoore

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Cabinet of Wellmoore
Gabinete de Wellmoore
Committee of the Privy Council of Wellmoore overview
Formed14 March 2020
JurisdictionHM's Government of Wellmoore
Minister responsible
Deputy Minister responsible
Parent departmentHM's Government of Wellmoore
Parent Committee of the Privy Council of WellmoorePrivy Council of Wellmoore

The Cabinet of Wellmoore is the senior decision-making body of HM's Government of Wellmoore. A Committee of the Privy Council of Wellmoore, chaired by the Prime Minister of Wellmoore and its members include Ministers of Ministries and other Senior Ministers.

History of the Cabinet

The Cabinet of Wellmoore was founded on 14 March 2020 with the foundation of the Kingdom of Wellmoore and HM's Government of Wellmoore.


The Prime Minister of Wellmoore decides the Membership and Attendees of the Cabinet.

The Cabinet is a committee of the Privy Council of Wellmoore.


Most Cabinet Meetings take place in the Houses of Parliament or in the Cabinet Room of the Prime Minister's Office. The length of the meetings vary according to the Prime Minister.

Current Composition

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