COVID-19 pandemic in Saint George

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COVID-19 pandemic
in Saint George
Virus strainSARS-CoV-2
LocationSaint George
First caseBaton Rouge, Louisiana, United States
Arrival date29 January 2021
OriginUnited States
Confirmed cases4
Suspected cases0
Suspected cases have not been confirmed as being due to this strain by laboratory tests, although some other strains may have been ruled out.

The COVID-19 pandemic in Saint George had its first reported case on 12 September 2020 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Since then, Saint George has had a one-hundred percent recovery rate among citizens who had the virus.


Cases by Grand Priory

The Grand Priory of Louisiana has had the most cases more than any of the other Grand Priories, most had zero cases with the exception of the Grand Priory of Colorado.

Grand Priory Cases Suspected cases Deaths Recoveries
Louisiana 3 0 0 3
Colorado 1 0 0 1
California 0 0 0 0
United States 0 0 0 0

List of Cases

COVID-19 cases in Saint George

  Recoveries (100.0%)
  Deaths (0.0%)
  Active Cases (0.0%)

COVID-19 saw a sharp rise within Saint George at the start of 2022 accounting for half of Saint George's total cases. All individuals have seen a recovery from the virus.

Case Date Type Grand Priory Status
1 12 September 2020 Confirmed Louisiana Recovered
2 1 January 2021 Confirmed Louisiana Recovered
3 20 January 2022 Confirmed Colorado Recovered
4 14 February 2022 Confirmed Louisiana Recovered