Buoncostume Police

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Polizia Buoncostume
Morality Police
Emblem of the Buoncostume Police
Motto: (Latin): Post Tenebras Lux
March With Great Power
Established September 1, 2014
Country Yunivers
Branches Morality police, Religious police
Colors Red; Gold
Vehicles colors White
Commander-in-Chief Mattia De Stefano Vidoni
Vice-Commander Daniele Ceglan
General information
Headquarters Vignetia
Active personnel 5
Standard weapon [1]

The Buoncostume is a force of morality police of the Decracy of Yunivers, also with duties of religious police.
It has been disbanded by Titianus II in May 2015 with Royal Decree, and the personnel absorbed by the Gendarmerie.


The duties of the Buoncostume (from the Italian 'buon', good and 'costume', customs) are to enforce standards of moral behaviour and religious adherence among the general public in accordance with the laws in force within Yunivers. As in Yunivers morality is deeply felt and important, the Buoncostume has the powers to impose fines on offenders, which may also be expelled (in the case that they are guests). The members are considered public safety officers and shall also have jurisdiction on citizen security.
The main tasks are:

  • Ensuring that drugs are not being traded;
  • Checking that people are dressed appropriately;
  • Making sure that men and women are not having promiscuous behaviour in public;
  • Supervision of children;
  • Sanctioning scurrilous language in public;
  • Enforcing religious (catholic) dogmas in public.

The fine for such offences is severe, and foreigners are not excluded from observing those rules.