Bir Tawil Republic

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The Republic of Bir Tawil is a republic consisting of the formerly unclaimed land on the Egypt-Sudan border in Africa.

A map of the place


Bir Tawil has a population of 543 people, meaning 0.26359223301 people live in each square kilometer. Peylan, with a population of 134, is the capital city. Clerough with a population of 96 and Pridence with a population of 66 are second and third respectively. 247 people live outside these three cities. Egyptians and Sudanese make up the majority of the population.


Bir Tawil has 2060 square kilometers of area, meaning it's the 168th largest country.


Bir Tawil has a population of 543 and a GDP of 48 million US dollars, making it the 2nd smallest economy nominally but has a per capita economy of $88,397, making it the 3rd largest economy per capita.[citation needed]