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Litvanska COA.png
—  Free City of Lorava  —
Svoboné Mesto Loráva


Motto: Svoboné jak Pytk
Country Republic of Litvania
Settled 2001 (as residence of the family)
2014 (as Presidential Residence and capital)
Established 2013
 - Type Democracy
 - Body City council
 - Mayor of Bernogorod Michal Nowacki
 - Total 5 (permanent)
Demonym Bernogorodian

Bernogorod is the capital city of the Republic of Litvania, as well as its largest and most densley populated city. It is home to Michal Nowacki, its mayor and president of Litvania. It was established in 2013 as "Bernø", but during the Slavic revolution and reforms in 2015, when the slavic minority of Litvania took over the Nordic government and abolished it, it was renamed Bernogorod.

It is also the capital of the Litveniya province.

District Division

Prežídencki Distrikt

This district is the most visited one, and is home to the president. It consists of 1 house, and a small garden; the presidential garden. Crops and floers are maintained there, and they regularly taken care of. It is accessible by walk, bike, trolley or scooter by the Michalská Úlicá street.

Ladčko Distrikt

The Ladčko District is the mostly industrialized one, and is the birthplace of LitvAir.

Kvarnicé Distrikt

Kvarnice is a small and poor district where, people who do not have much money live.

Willeminový Distrikt

Named after the Willemin family, this district is a historic and friendly place in Loráva.

Šarěrskí Distrikt

This district was the first place to be settled as modern day Lorava, and thus is a protected historic area.