Motorways of Litvania

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Narodna Sieč Autostrád

The Motorway Symbol.
Total length 10 km
Longest highway D1 Motorway
(3 km)

The National Motorway Network is the network of motorways, or autoroutes, that connects major locations and cities in Litvania. It was first suggested by Michal Nowacki, to the Litvanian Parliament, and was meant to ease travel within the country.


The project was first proposed by Michal Nowacki, and was passed by the president


to complete Litvania`s economy. Then, on the 11 June 2016, the A1 motorway was established.

Map of Litvanian Motorways


All of the Litvanias motorways is managed by the NMN(National Motorway Network), and all of the motorways are


In the toll plaza or toll booth, there are three groups of transportations with the different fare each group. they are:

Category Vehicles
1 or A Motorcycles
2 or B Sedan
3 or C Trucks

And for the payment itself, the drivers can pay both in Litvanian Krna and Swiss Francs.


Standards for Motorways in Litvania are defined by the Litvanian Ministry of Transport along with the LMA (Litvanian Motorway Association). For a certain highway to be considered an motorway, it must meet these construction requirements or obtain a waiver from the Litvanian Ministry of Transport.

  • Speed Limits: The minimum speed limit standard in Litvania is 40 km/h in rural areas or selected urban area, an advisory of 60 km/h in Gduńsk motorways, 90 km/h in tunnel and briges, and 90 km/h in mountanious areas.
  • Minimum number of lanes: At least two lanes in each direction, this standard could be an exception in some parts of the system.
  • Payment system: Tolling system in the autoroute is optional, but recommended.