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Flag of Beachfront.png
Languages spoken English
Date founded October 25, 2008
Population 78,000
Demonym Shoreliner
Governor Misty Miller

Beachfront Province is one of the newest territories, as it joined the Republic of Petorio on October 25, 2008. It is mostly surrounded by mainland Canada, very far away from mainland Petorio which is surrounded by the mainland United States. Beachfront hold a few houses and a small bay. It also holds a nuclear generating station. Beachfront Territory is split into three counties because of its massive population: Bay County, Beachfront County and Ontario County.

Beachfront Territory is currently one of the most important provinces in the Republic as it holds the capital city. Beachfront Territory is currently the 2nd populous province in the Republic of Petorio behind Nandor.


Beachfront Territory from the sky.

Beachfront Territory is bordered by Canada to the north and east, a lake to the south and Acadia to the west.

Located in Beachfront is a large bay claimed by the Republic as Petorio Bay. Other than the Bay and Beach the territory is mainly suburban. There many roads that run through the territory. Also in Beachfront Territory are two windmills that generate energy for Canada along with the nuclear generating station.