Battle of Juna

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Battle of Juna
Part of the Supporter War
Date 4 June 2015
Location Kid United Republic
Result Truce called between both parties.
link={{{2}}} Kid United Republic Noflag.png Supporters
  • Non-military supporters
link={{{2}}} Jackson Cole

link={{{2}}} Captain Steve Strong

Noflag.png Robert Peterson
link={{{2}}} 20 Noflag.png 13
Injuries and losses
link={{{2}}} 4 injured Noflag.png 2 injured

The Battle of Juna was a skirmish between the Kid United Republic and supporters of the Free Republic of Liberland not directly affiliated with the Liberlandian Government. It was held on 4 June 2015 within KUR territory.

It started as a heated argument between the two sides, which eventually required intervention by the KUR military. Airsoft pellets were fired, resulting in a brief battle in the local park. A ceasefire was then declared, leaving the battle indecisive.

The Battle of Juna was the first military confrontation in the The Supporter War