Battle of Juna

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Battle of Juna
Part of the Supporter War
Date4 June 2015
Result Truce called between both parties.
Kid United Republic Flag.png Kid United Republic

Noflag.png Supporters

  • Non-military supporters
Commanders and leaders

Kid United Republic Flag.png Jackson Cole

Kid United Republic Flag.png Captain Steve Strong
Noflag.png Robert Peterson
Kid United Republic Flag.png 20 Noflag.png 13

The Battle of Juna was a skirmish between the Kid United Republic and supporters of the Free Republic of Liberland not directly affiliated with the Liberlandian Government. It was held on 4 June 2015 within KUR territory.

It started as a heated argument between the two sides, which eventually required intervention by the KUR military. Airsoft pellets were fired, resulting in a brief battle in the local park. A ceasefire was then declared, leaving the battle indecisive.

The Battle of Juna was the first military confrontation in the The Supporter War